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Aloha Natural

               Aloha Natural

                                             Where Learning Becomes Ideas, 

                                             and Ideas Become Reality;

                                             Sustainable Farming Practices, 

                                             Eat Healthy, Eat Local

                                             Economic Development, 

                                             Helping Our Local Economy Grow

                                             Alternative Energy Solutions

                                             Farmer's Market Saturday and Sunday

Come On In To Find Out How On Our Farm We Empower Our Students To Make Change In Their Lives, And Others In the Community 

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About Our Farm

At Aloha Natural we have over 30 different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and products many of which most people have never seen, tasted, or used! We have a lot of interesting and beneficial plants, animals, aquaculture, local arts, and hand made crafts.

We develop specialty products for market! Visit our store to see the many products, local arts and crafts we offer for sale. 

Bread Fruit

One of the most nutritious, and versatile fruits known

that can be used instead of a potato in almost any dish. it is healthy, full of nutrients. Considered by many experts to be a super food. 

Yamagata Avocado and a Royal Ti Tree

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